Recognovit Theodorus Mommsen  /  Retractavit Paulus Krueger
Corpus Iuris Civilis, vol. I )
   The Digest (Digesta), or Pandects (Pandectae), was a part of the great collection of Roman laws known as the Corpus Iuris Civilis. The Digest was issued in AD 533 under the direction of the imperial quaestor Tribonian. It compiled the writings of the great Roman jurists such as Ulpian along with current edicts. It constituted both the current law of the time, and a turning point in Roman Law : from then on the sometimes contradictory case law of the past was subsumed into an ordered legal system.

                  Manuscript of Bordeaux, edited between 1299 and 1398 :  Vol. I    II    III
                  Venice's edition of 1495, with the ordinary gloss of Accursius :   Infortiatum
                  Lyon's edition of 1560 :  Digestum vetus    Infortiatum    Digestum novum
                  Lyon's edition of 1604 :  Digestum vetus    Infortiatum    Digestum novum
                  Lyon's edition of 1627 :  Digestum vetus    Infortiatum    Digestum novum

Beck's edition ( 1829 )   •   Digesta Iustiniani Augusti ( 1870 ) :  I  II