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    The Corpus Iuris Civilis was issued in three parts, in Latin, under the direction of the imperial questor Tribonian at the request of Emperor Justinian in 529-534. The first part was the Codex Justinianus compiled all of the extant imperial constitutiones from the time of Hadrian. It used both the Codex Theodosianus and private collections such as the Codex Gregorianus and Codex Hermogenianus. The second part, the Digest (Digesta) or Pandects (Pandectae), was issued in 533 : it compiled the writings of the great Roman jurists such as Ulpian along with current edicts. The third part, the Institutes (Institutiones), was intended as a sort of legal textbook for law schools. Later, Justinian issued a number of other laws, mostly in Greek, which were called Novels (Novellae).

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