( About 33 ? BC )

M. H. Crawford et al., Roman Statutes, I, London, 1996, pp. 497-506, n. 36 ).

[C.] Fonteius C.f. Capito, pontifex, [lawfully] proposed [to the people] according to the opinion of the senate [and the people lawfully] resolved, in the forum before [the rostra on the ??? day before] the Kalends of July, the tribe Camillia [was the first to vote,] C. Geminius voted first [for his tribe.] [Since [[M. Antonius M.f.,]] imperator, IIIvir [for the constituting of the res publica,] according to the opinion of his consilium, has approved of the [? very great ?] fides [of ???] and of his <services> towards [? the victory and rule of the Roman people ?] and the senate [---] the judgment of Antonius [--- the things which have been granted] and [the other] privileges [---]
[--- and his children] and their descendants or children-in-law, [whatever any of them] may import [to the province of] Asia or any Island of Asia [for his own use] or [may export] from those [places, for] that which shall be imported or [exported] in this way, [he is not] to be obliged [to give] or provide [anything] nor is there to be [action] or suit [for anyone against him.] Whatever [of any of them] who shall become Roman citizens [hereafter] may be [at issue with,] or subject to action [by, anyone else] and [likewise whatever may be subject to action] or sued for by any [of them, he] is to have according to this [statute the choice of where he may wish to proceed] in respect of those things for which there may be [suit.] Or if [any] magistrate or legate [shall see that] he impose a leasing out of Roman [public revenues] [on any] either of the foreign nations or [of the allies, he is not to be obliged] to give or do (anything), [whatever may be levied] or [--- nor is it to be lawful] to bring an action [against him nor is anyone] to seize [pledges from him] or [see that] (anyone) sue for [anything from him.] Whoever [--- may have --- any] public office [---] or if anyone else [--- whoever for any land] or castle or village [of these men or of their descendants and] children-in-law [in] the leasing out, in respect of any [---] each [of them ---] is to be deprived and by means of the opinion [--- according to this] statute he is to act [---]