( About 45 BC

( Johnson, Coleman-Norton & Bourne, Ancient Roman Statutes, Austin, 1961, p. 93, n. 112


      Since Miletus had not received under Roman rule municipal autonomy before 46 B.C., this letter, which perhaps implements some of Julius Caesar's ordinances in favor of the Jews, must be of later date.


      The proconsul Publius Servilius Galba, son of Publius, to the magistrates, the Senate, the people of the Milesians, greetings.
      Your citizen Prytanis, son of Hermas, when he had come to me, who was holding court in Tralles, revealed that contrary to our judgment you attack the Jews and forbid them to observe their Sabbaths and to complete their ancestral rites and to administer their fruits, as is their custom, and that he had posted the decree pursuant to the laws.
      Therefore, it is my will that you shall know that I, after I had heard the reasons expressed from opposite sides, have judged that the Jews shall not be prevented from observing their customs.