Florence Fragment III
( 31 BC - AD 14 )

( Johnson, Coleman-Norton & Bourne, Ancient Roman Statutes, Austin, 1961, pp. 128-129, n. 152/II ).


   . . . For each offense he shall be condemned to pay a penalty of 10,000 sesterces to the colonists of this colony, and that ground where someone is inhumed or buried contrary to this law shall be unconsecrated and free of religious sanction. Anyone so minded shall plow such ground without risk to himself. Likewise no one shall keep hives of bees . . .
   . . . by the laws of this colony . . . shall not be permitted with a duumvir or a prefect to decide, thus as has been provided by the Aelian Law . . . in accordance with a decree of the decurions, he shall refer this matter to the praetor, and the praetor shall propose and shall proclaim this matter . . .