( AD 29 )

A. K. Bowman, R. S. O. Tomlin & K. A. Worp, JRS, 99, 2009, p. 161

‘ [. . . from?] Carus(?) slave of Iulia Secunda which I am obliged to repay to her(?) or to whom soever this matter pertains on the day on which s/he(?) shall ask for them. Transacted on 23(?) February at . . . in the consulship of C. Fufius Geminus. Quadratus acted as interpreter (or intermediary?).’
‘ (2nd hand) Titus Cassius, tribune of the fifth legion.
(3rd hand) Miunnio(?) soldier of the unit of Batavians, of the century (or decury?) of Bonumotus(?).
(4th hand?) Caturix, slave of the said Secunda(?).’