Edict of the prefect of Egypt
November 10, AD 41 )

( Johnson, Coleman-Norton & Bourne, Ancient Roman Statutes, Austin, 1961, p. 138, n. 167 I


      This letter considers three matters raised by a delegation sent from Alexandria to Emperor Claudius : congratulations to the emperor on his accession ; requests for favors ; apologies for recent anti-Jewish disturbances in Alexandria. The imperial reply, treating these matters, is preceded by an edict of the prefect of Egypt, who authorizes publication of the letter.
      The papyrus containing these documents was reported in 1921.


      Lucius Aemilius Rectus proclaims :
      Since the entire city, because of its multitude, has not been able to be present at the reading of the most sacred and most beneficent letter to the city, I have considered it necessary to post the letter, that, reading it individually, you both may marvel at the majesty of our God Caesar and may have gratitude for his good will toward the city.
      Year 2 of Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Imperator, Neos Sebastos 14.